Why Choose C2 Commercial? C2 Commercial culture from my point of view is just really how we interact with each other, how we respect one another, how we support one another which ultimately flows into the delivery of service for our clients. Client service is paramount – To get to great client service you have to have a great place to work.

We have a great time at C2 Commercial and that really allows us to do great work, provide great service and achieve great results at a fraction of the cost as our competitors doing the exact same thing. I would say we deliver value and in for the team that we put together in the issues that we deal with the client from the clients point of you were delivering significant value and helping them again achieve their overall business objectives. Its value is one thing but if we don’t deliver the type of services that they need in ultimately becoming an important alternative to the major lenders out here.

For the smaller clients who don’t have existing commercial lending relationships we bring a different value we give great service we give great results, we are learning about their business and bringing them strategic partners because of our strong connections. We are thinking about their business and investments every day and trying to figure out not only reactive to their investment and finance needs but proactive to their strategy needs and financial goals.

For example, there are some major clients that we have an opportunity to work with on a regular basis and for some of those clients I am meeting with the CEOs once a month talking about the businesses talking about their objectives and things that they need to achieve which in instances serving as a coach and an investment advisor and risks manager and financial advisor for them.

C2 Commercial couldn’t be a success for them without delivering to our clients with financial resources quickly with the results they need and demand.

At the end of the day from my point as the leader of C2 Commercial believe we have an obligation to give back. It is the legacy that we have that this community and many others get better with the right investments and that C2 Commercial exists to create nicer places to live at, work at and enjoy. It’s these values we find really important values for today’s commercial owners and for those that really want to take it to the next level.

David Temko – President of C2 Commercial

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